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two young men in a music studio
Hands on in the studio at Honolulu Community College’s Music & Entertainment Learning Experience (MELE) program

Located near downtown Honolulu with additional facilities for aeronautic, marine, automotive and heavy equipment programs, offers a strong liberal arts curriculum in addition to a wide range of career and technical degree and certificate programs as well as non-credit options.

Areas of Excellence


Degree offerings include pathways in Hawaiian studies and natural sciences, as well as specialized career and technical programs like fashion technology, music and entertainment learning experience and welding technology.


Honolulu Community College offers classes at the main campus, close to downtown Honolulu in the historical Kaplama ahupua?a, and at specialized facilities on other parts of the island.


Honolulu Community College serves the Pacific Region as the primary technical training center in areas such as transportation, industrial and engineering technology, information technology, public and human services and communications.

Career Focus

The college serves as the hub for apprenticeship training on O?ahu in various construction and mechanical trades in addition to the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

Fast Facts about?Honolulu Community College

Degrees and Programs


  • Undergraduate: 3,204

Student to Faculty Ratio*

  • 15:1
    * fall 2021

Age and Gender*

  • Average age: 24.3 years old
  • Men: 66.9%
  • Women: 30.5%
    * full-time students

Enrollment Status

  • Full-time: 27.8%
  • Part-time: 72.2%

Pell Grant Recipients*

  • 43%
    * of eligible, full-time students awarded Fall 2022

Student Diversity (full-time students)


Contact Information and Location

Honolulu Community College seal and nameplate

874 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96817

? (808) 845-9211

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Last modified: April 8, 2024
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